Who We Are

We listen. We empathize. We can't help it, we're nice guys.

Geeks make the web go round.

We are programmers and geeks.  

Wikipedia defines a geek as ​“a​n expert or enthusiast ​or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual​ pursuit.”
I can’t think of a better definition for the people in this crew. We are experts. We are enthusiasts. And we are obsessed with doing amazing work for each of our clients.

All of our programmers are self-taught. Think that’s a disadvantage? Think of it this way: they loved coding so much that they coded at night, on weekends, and in every spare minute until they were better than the people who went to school for years to learn the skill. You know what’s funny? They still do.  

We aren’t trendy or hip. We aren’t pretty and we eat way too much bacon. We have seen too many trends come and go to hop on bandwagons as they come rolling along. We certainly know all the latest tricks, but we only use them if they make sense for your project.

What we do well is create websites that just plain ol’ work. We do things with databases most developers never even dreamed possible. It comes from never doing the same thing twice. We often create more custom tools and integrate with more complex APIs in one website than most developers will do in a lifetime. It’s just what we do. We manage your data. We translate your data. We chew it up and spit it out in an easy, manageable style that is useful to everyone.

You know who else we are? Nice guys.

We want everyone to be happy and love their websites as much as we love building them. That’s why we’re constantly taking the extra time to create custom-made site management tools that we know will fit our clients needs perfectly.

How do we know? We listen. We empathize. (We can’t help it, we’re nice guys, remember?) We are constantly thinking about ways to make our customers just a little bit happier. We’ll make this tool easier to use, or that widget a little prettier, or we’ll just automate this one process. We can’t help our selves. We’re just too nice.

Because we’re so nice, people really like working with us. Ad agencies, other web designers and even other web developers, they all love us! They come to us when their projects start getting over their heads. We put out the fires, solve their problems, finish the project and make them look like rock-stars. We love making new friends that way!

Over 10 Years of Service

The Gage Team is a small web firm that was founded back in 2006 when Matt Gage and Tim Johnson combined their talents to start a small tech firm. They quickly realized that web development and web hosting was what they were best at and began focusing exclusively on that.

Matt and Tim believed that looking out for their customers was the key to a successful business. That meant not only providing great customer service, but also providing tools and training to make sure that their customers were self-sufficient. Remember, this was an era before WYSIWYG editors were the norm. Even the best CMS systems required some level of HTML/CSS knowledge to get anything done. Matt and Tim quickly realized that they needed someone with advanced programming and database experience if they were going to keep up with their clients’ ever-increasing needs. Chris Stanley was hired to fill that role, and continues on today as our lead programmer.

The team has grown and changed since those first days, but our focus is still the same. The Gage Team still does everything we possibly can to make our websites easy to use and accessible for even our most technically challenged clients.

Every website we build is a one-of-a-kind original. No two businesses are the same, so why should they have the same website? First, we sit down with you to discuss your wants and needs, then develop a plan to make it happen. We develop custom tools to make managing your data and the site easy for you, and a pleasure for your customers.


The Gage Team Inc. is a Sioux Falls, South Dakota based marketing and advertising agency providing website design, programing, hosting, search engine optimization and pay per click services to clients of all sizes.
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