Custom Websites

The custom tools we build for you are based on your actual data and your real-world needs.

hand coded custom websites

Truly Custom Websites 

At The Gage Team, when we say we are building you a custom website, we mean it. When we say customized, we don't mean custom configured from generic off-the-shelf parts. We actually sit down with you to determine your needs. Then we design the tools you need to manage your data and make your business more efficient and accessible.

It’s not the easiest or the fastest way to build a website, but it is the best way to build a website.

No Hodge-Podgery.

Many places say they make custom websites. What they mean is that they download the basic site from one place, the design template from another, and any custom features come from a bunch of plug-ins from random places built by random people from random countries.

That's a random hodge-podge, not a custom website.

At The Gage Team, we write our own code and build our own tools. We hand-built our CMS to be the most flexible, powerful and user-friendly editor on the planet. All our tools are specifically designed to work together as a unified whole. The custom tools we build for you are based on your actual data and your real-world needs.

Why do we go to all that trouble?

Because it makes your life easier and your website (and therefore your business) better.

The high cost of free websites

If you want a free website, you definitely have a lot of options these days. Some are better than others, but at the end of the day, they are never "free."

Building websites is a different beast. If you've never done it before, there can be a steep learning curve on how to even go about planning the sitemap, much less creating templates and adding content in a way that is engaging and useful to your customers.

All websites take time to set up. And a certain skill set. Even free ones. If you don't have those skills, you are in for a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Time that could be spent doing what you do best—managing your business.
The other problem do-it-yourself web-builders tend to have, is search engine optimization (or SEO). Your site will look almost identical to 500+ other sites that are sitting on the same server with the same images and the same settings. Google will index them separately, but dings everyone for duplication. All the things you and everyone else didn't know end up hurting you and your search ranking. If you don't rank, your customers won't find you, and you don't exist.

A professionally built website is the answer.

Save yourself the hassle. Let The Gage Team build you a professional website. With over 10 years experience, you can trust us to make sure your site is set up correctly and performs well. Your new site will look great, be mobile responsive, and have all the SEO triggers in place. We never use the same template twice, every site is customized to be distinctly your own. Plus, if you ever have problems, you have a team of professional web developers ready to help you.

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