Superior Support

We answer the phone and we tackle your issues as quickly as we can.

Database Development & Management with web-based interfaces

Real Support by Real People

Everyone says that customer support is important to them. But surprisingly few actually pick up the phone when you call with a problem. 

Not The Gage Team. We are founded on a culture of customer care and support. We want to earn your business every day. We do everything in our power to resolve your issue quickly the first time you call.

This customer centric approach is the reason we go out of our way to make our tools easy to use. It's the reason we own and maintain our own hosting gear in a private datacenter. It's the reason we maintain a brick and mortar business right downtown.

Jamie is a Tool.

Not in a bad way. He's actually one of the nicest, happiest guys you will ever talk to.

But Jamie is a universal fix-it tool for all things technical. Having issues with your website? No problem. E-mail not behaving? He will walk you through it blindfolded. DNS or network issues? Please. Jamie can fix just about anything you can throw his way, all while configuring a new server.

Speaking of servers, Jamie is also one of the best server admins around. In fact, the reason he can spend so much of his time supporting our customers is that the servers just run perfectly without much babysitting. Our LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) servers are always purring quietly in the background. And hackers don't stand a chance against Jamie's security Kung Fu.

The best part is, Jamie is the first guy to answer the phone when it rings. So, you could say he's an answering machine too.

The Gage Team Inc. is a Sioux Falls, South Dakota based marketing and advertising agency providing website design, programing, hosting, search engine optimization and pay per click services to clients of all sizes.
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