Our Easy CMS

We couldn't find a CMS that was useful enough, so we built one from scratch.


Web Made Easy

The Gage Team firmly believes that anyone who has a website should be able to maintain it themselves. The problem was, we couldn’t find a CMS that was both powerful enough to be useful and easy enough for some of our more technically challenged clients.

So we built one from scratch.

What sets our system apart would seem to be the most basic feature: you edit everything in place as it appears on your site. Everything is the same: fonts, stylesheets, photos, videos, links, content containers, e​verything. ​It is a true WYSIWYG environment.

Sounds obvious, right?  

Surprisingly, there are very few content management systems that let you edit in a seemingly live environment. It's a complete game-changer that appears obvious in retrospect.

There are plenty of other website management tools as well. You can drag and drop photos and documents to the server right from your desktop, embed video, insert documents and pdfs, add photo galleries or contact forms, etc. There is a long list of tools, and each one is designed to be more user friendly than the next.

With great tools comes great power.

Modular Layout System

This is a newer feature of the CMS. The MLS allows us to add unique editable regions to individual web pages, giving you almost infinite flexibility on page content layout. You can even use it to add preformatted areas, like quotes, slideshows, photo galleries, asides, and social media feeds.

Search & Social Optimization is Built In

Our CMS gives you the tools to optimize your site so that you show up naturally in search results. Our sites also play nice with social media so your posts look professional.  

Media Gallery Tool

​This part of the CMS lets you upload, categorize and display images. This also features a drag-and-drop image uploader. This tool allows you to create galleries of grouped photos that can then be used by the MLS to display slideshows or photo galleries on web pages.

Embedded Video

Video is built right into the CMS. You can easily embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo right into your content pages by simply pasting in the URL or Share Link. The videos will show right on your page like it was hosted on your site. We even have video gallery tools available as needed.


Nothing fancy or complicated, just the ability to post entries, and share content. You can also use it as a way to post upcoming events, current news items or product/service specials.

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