Amazing web hosting starts with amazing people.

Good hardware doesn't hurt either.

Database Development & Management with web-based interfaces

True Hosting, Not Just Re-Selling

The reality of the hosting business is that there are very few actual hosts left out there. Most 'hosting providers' just buy a slice of a cloud from one of the few national vendors and call it good.

This usually works fine, until it doesn't. There are definite limitations to this business model. You always have restricted access to the server configuration, which means you don't have direct access to parts of the server that can truly affect performance and even what features you can offer your customers. It also means that when there is a problem, you put in a support ticket and twiddle your thumbs until the megahost gets around to fixing it.

Not The Gage Team. We own our own physical servers in our own dedicated rack in a local data center. We have 24/7 access to the hardware. When there's a problem, our monitoring software lets us know immediately and we can fix the problem right away. Usually before you or your customers ever become aware of it.

Configured for security

The other upside is that we configure all of our own servers. We know every piece of software on it, and every service that runs. We can close all the potential security holes before the severs even go online. That's not to say we aren't constantly being bombarded with attacks, just that they don't get through.

We also create custom configured servers for our clients all the time. Need special access? Total privacy? Dedicated connections on special ports? Whatever it is, we have the control and the know-how to accommodate you.

Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, & the Cloud

Sounds like a weird band, right? It's actually the three different types of hosting that we provide.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is what most people need. It's cheap, reliable, and fast. However, you're in an apartment building and noisy neighbors can cause problems. That being said, it's still the right solution for 75% of our clients. All hosting comes with SSL encryption and e-mail if you need it.

Dedicated Servers

You have the entire server to yourself. It's more expensive, but extremely secure and there are no noisy neighbors. You can have as much email and file storage as you need. We continue to monitor and manage the server, but it is like you own it. This is ideal for larger sites or those that security is the utmost concern.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can be dedicated or shared hosting, depending on your needs. Pricing is similar to our normal hosting. This is usually a chunk bought from our favorite megahost, Rackspace. It's not our preferred method, but Rackspace offers us a lot of control and there are definite advantages.  The big ones are redundancy and burstability.

It's all based on the nature of cloud computers. Think of a giant datacenter that acts as one HUGE computer. There are thousands of processors, terabytes of RAM, and almost infinite storage and scalable bandwidth. Because there is so much redundancy built into the system, hardware failures are irrelevant. If your processor fails, another just takes its place automatically.

The other big benefit is burstability. If you have a blog post that goes viral and gets 1,000,000 hits in a few hours, the huge pipe and extra available processing power of the datacenter can absorb it and continue to serve the page without crashing the server. This also allows you to choose a smaller hosting package and just pay for overages as needed.

So, if you are extremely concerned with hardware failures or if the nature of your site creates huge spikes and lulls in traffic, cloud hosting could be for you.


Looking for a new home for your company's server? We can host it in our secure data center.

Domain Names

We can register Domain names for you, and manage renewals to give you the piece of mind that your website will not be taken down due to a missed email or expired credit card on file.

Give us a call or email for more information.

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