Understand yourself and understand your customers.
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Which Digital Mediums are right for my business?

The secret is in the strategy.

Not all media is right for all products or all businesses. Choosing the right ones is a combination of understanding yourself and understanding your customers.

Conversate Digital can guide you through this tangled world of digital media. We will help you understand the strengths of each medium and it's customer base. Then we will work with you to create a digital marketing plan that stays within your budget and delivers results (which are always tracked).

Know thy self.

Know what you can handle. Blogs and video blogs are amazing ways to create content that increases your page ranks in Google, answers customer questions or demonstrates the uses, features and benefits of your products or services. However, they take time and effort, especially if you aren't a writer or performer. A blog with no content is worse than no blog at all. Social media channels are the same. If you won't use them, don't drive traffic to them. It's better to have only one social media presence that is done well than five that are done poorly.

We understand that you often don't have the time (or patience) to devote to all the different media. That's where we come in. We will help you achieve your digital strategy by creating unique content that fits each unique media. You'll be reaching both new and existing customers right where they live in no time.

Know thy customers.

The internet has something for everyone, and you can too. Each social media platform has its own unique flavor that gives it its own unique following. Facebook is the giant in the industry. But don't market to teenagers there (they will tell you "Facebook is for old people"). Blogs and websites are great for delivering lots of data to people who want detailed information. However, many people  don't like to read websites and want videos. (Okay, EVERYBODY loves a good video).

The point is, each specific digital media channel has a unique voice and unique user demographics.  We can help you determine the correct strategy for each avenue, even if the strategy is to ignore that channel. Give us a call and let us develop a strategy that makes sense for your business.

Working together.

Digital media is a cumulative effort. Each channel reinforces the last to create a cohesive campaign that stands out to audiences.

For example:
Your social media post of a fun video you made drives traffic to a blog post that gives product information. Later, a digital display ad on another website leads people back to your website where they purchase your product.

The more media you use, the more often you catch your customer's eye. The more you catch their eye, the more chances you have for them to say "yes."

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