Digital media provides us a personal experience.

Creating Conversations

Digital Media is personal communication.

Digital media is designed to talk to users where they live - on their mobile devices. Mobile devices are our personal private portals. We as a society have a very personal relationship with our phones and tablets. They entertain us, they inform us of world events, they keep us in touch with our friends. They are the lens through which we view the larger world.

We talk a lot about digital advertising because it is the easiest to control, but that is really only one piece of the puzzle. Communicating with your customers on social media, providing understandable answers to their questions when they search for them, creating interesting and entertaining videos about relevant topics to them – these are all huge parts of digital media that are often low-cost mediums for you. You just need the correct strategy to manage all of your communications.

The problem: Broadcast is dead. 

Okay, broadcast may not be dead yet, but it's definitely on its last leg. Media and marketing as a whole is changing. Digital media is becoming the default way people communicate with the world around them. They ke ep up with friends  on social media , gather news from their phones in their down time, and watch movies and binge   on their favorite TV shows on their tablets. It's 100% on demand. If media is to survive, it must learn to adapt to the new ways viewers consume media.

Broadcast mediums work like this: a marketer sends out a single blanket message to a large number of people in the hope that the few people they want to reach will see it and buy their product or service. A generic broadcast message on a personal device often feels like an odd fit to consumers.
It stands out because it does not feel like the medium itself. It is not a targeted message.

Digital media is personal marketing on demand. It requires a different strategy – personalized messages targeted to different demographics across different platforms. You have a technical blog for detail-oriented people, a quick YouTube video for people who just want the 10,000 foot view, and social media posts about how your product impacted customers' lives for the social minded. Digital media utilizes different tactics for different people with different priorities.

The opportunity: Personalized Targeting. 

Broadcast may be dying, but narrowcast is just a toddler. Digital media advertising is extremely targeted. Ads are displayed based on the relevance to the user's current needs, interests, friends, history, geographical location, the time of day, and past interactions with your product. Digital media not only gives you the ability to very specifically reach your customers, but to tailor your message to their current needs (defined by them).

It's a marketer's dream come true. You always know what your customers are interested in. All you have to do is create targeted campaigns that speak to them. As you reach them across multiple channels, a larger message is formed – a conversation.

The solution: 1-on-1 conversations.

This is a huge change in mindset. You aren't just casting one net in the middle of a lake, you are fishing with the correct bait and a fish finder. Your odds of direct success are much higher, while setup costs are much lower. Digital media allows you to easily run widely varying campaigns that speak to widely varying (but still relevant) customer groups directly for less than the cost of most traditional broadcast media.

For example, let's say you have a ski shop. Your products are just as relevant to a 16 year old boy as they are to his 45 year old father, but they have vastly different viewpoints of what skiing means to them. For the boy, you may reference extreme sports and snowboarding. For his dad, you may want to compare to a vacation from reality or maybe reference a great sale you are running. Two vastly different messages that sell the same pair of skis.

You are tailoring the content of your messages to the person you are talking to and using a language that resonates with them. With digital media, not only is it easy to create the messages, it's easy to make sure the right people are getting those messages. This same mindset is easily applied to the different social media channels, blog posts, videos, really every aspect of digital media.

Powerful tools for having fun.

So, we've talked about the power, flexibility, and ridiculous targeting capabilities made available with digital media. What we haven't talked about is that it's really fun. In fact, the more fun you have with it, the more successful you are likely to be.

Make goofy product videos with your cell phone. Have some fun on your blog. Post embarrassing (but tasteful) photos on social media. Show that you are a company made up of people who like to have fun, just like your customers. The more people like your social media, the more positive opinion they will have of your brand.

Custom Media Mix Conversate Digital

Custom Media Mix

There is no black or white answer when it comes to choosing which media platforms are right for your business. It's about the personality of your business and your customers - it's all in the mix.

Tracking Effectiveness Conversate Digital

Tracking Effectiveness

Tracking the effectiveness of your digital media presence and interactions is the key to learning what works and what doesn't. It's a way to experiment at low cost and get to know your customer base.

Digital Targeting Conversate Digital

Digital Targeting

If you speak to the wrong target market, your message won't matter. Digital media provides you the resources to narrow in on your user demographics.

Digital Strategy Conversate Digital

Digital Strategy

Digital media is comprised of many technologies. Not even the best digital strategy works for everyone. We can help you decide which digital strategies are right for you.

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